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Glantreo is a high-profile nanomaterials production SME in Ireland with a strong EU funding portfolio. Through development of innovative material science-based technologies, processes, services, and products, Glantreo delivers quality solutions to customers and partners. Their core market is nanomaterials for separation science, but they also provide a range of other nanomaterials alongside services for characterisation, test method development and materials development. For almost 15 years, Glantreo have supplied large quantities (kg) of silica to researcher and industry partners.

Glantreo has supplied silica-based products for use in EU projects including NanoInteract and BioTracer, and for energy related applications in Enterprise Ireland projects Trident and NanoTherm. Additionally, Glantreo holds 3 patents in the silica nanomaterials space. Glantreo has also been involved in several projects involving the scale up of silica nanoparticle products for drug and neutracetical delivery and have manufactured this silica to GLP/GMP level.

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